• Crestron Digital Sunset

    Leaders in Touch Solutions

    Our world is increasingly becoming more touch enabled. From Touch Kiosks, Interactive Digital Signage to Virtual Concierge, let 3D datacomm show you how we can touch enable your world.

  • Unified Communications

    Announcing the New Notebook™ 14

    SMART Notebook 14 is now here! SMART Notebook lets teachers create high-impact lessons, access high-quality education content and engage students with unique interactive learning. Additionally, it's now easier to standardise on Notebook software across all brands of interactive hardware in your school or authority.

    Contact 3D today for an on-site demostration.

  • Cisco VC

    Meet Face to Face

    In today's globalized economy, travel is often a prerequisite for leveraging new market opportunities. With vast improvements in quality, availability, and ease of use, and with the ability to interact and share content in high definition, today's video conferencing is as close to "being there" as one can get without actually making the trip. To learn more about the benefits of video conferencing click the link below.

  • 3D datacomm Services

    Allow Us to Demonstrate

    If a picture's worth a thousand words...how would you assess the value of a live, interactive, integrated collaboration technology demonstration? Having established 7 fully functional meeting rooms throughout our offices in Altantic Canada we invite our clients to come in and experience, first hand, what 3D datacomm brings to the boardroom table.

    We use what we sell...let us show you how!

  • SMART Technologies Lync Room System

    The next level of collaboration using Microsoft® Lync®

    The SMART Room System supports levels of interaction that are unmatched by the competition. With it you can ink over any application, including Microsoft® Excel® and Adobe®. It has more size options than any other Lync Room System and is the only system on the market that is manufactured and supported by one vendor.

  • 3D datacomm Services

    Bridging the Collaboration Gap

    As a market leading Unified Conferencing Integrator,
    3D datacomm is helping Atlantic Canadian businesses improve workplace productivity through the use of Collaborative technologies.

    Our Services Include:
    Voice/Video/Data/Web Collaboration Tools
    Digital Signage - Sales, Installation & Support
    A/V System Design, Consultation & Project Engineering
    Installation, Programming & System Commissioning
    Certified Training & Professional Development
    Preventative Maintenance & Service Contracts
    Structured Cabling & Electrical Services

  • SMART kapp

    A masterpiece of simplicity

    Work on the board as you would a traditional dry-erase board.

    Save your work on your mobile device, so it can be shared after your session.

    Invite remote participantsto view the content you're working on in real-time.

  • SMART Board® 6065

    The interactive flat panel for the classroom

    Introducing the SMART Board® 6065

    Immersive learning in vivid detail. Lessons spring to life. Content leaps from the screen. Teaching becomes immersive learning, and collaboration is irresistible. With 20 years of touch expertise built in, feeling is believing.

  • Omnivex Executive Dashboard

    Executive Dashboard

    Leverage actionable analytics to better manage all aspects of your business with Omnivex digital signage software.


    Maximize your viewing Experiance

    Let 3D help you choose the proper display for your application.

who we are

3D datacomm was formed in 1998 with a focus on technology in Corporate, Government and Educational sectors. Today 3D datacomm has offices in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and is Atlantic Canada's largest Professional A/V Integrator. Collaboration is the heart of our company. We specialize in helping customers communicate over distance with technology. 3D datacomm provides full Audio/Visual integration in boardrooms, classrooms, theatres and entire buildings. From Control Systems to Video Conferencing Solutions, we have the right products, services and staff to help bridge the gap between technology and true collaboration.

best on video


SMART 6065 Interactive Flat Panel - Click to Watch Video

SMART Lync Room System - Click to Watch Video

SMART kapp Launch - Click to Watch Video


Intelligent Video Collaboration - Click to Watch Video

Video Enable Every Meeting Room - Click to Watch Video


Connected Enterprise - Click to Watch Video

Wayfinding - Click to Watch Video


SHARP IGZO Technology - Click to Watch Video

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